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Musical Theatre Resources

Listed below are companies that might be great resources. Each one of these resources has been vetted by us and we have either met with the people who created the companies or know people who work for them. Companies are listed in alphabetical order.

Founded by Laurie Glodowski and Patti Maurer, 35 Parellel is a production company with a number of Broadway musicals under their belts including: Come From Away, Hadestown, The Band’s Visit as well as new works: Clicquot, Marie and My Pet Dragon.

Aimee Lococo-Sarabura is a chartered professional accountant with a background in musical theatre performance, choreography and direction. Aimee fully understands the difficulties of being a performer at tax time. What can I write off? How do I file as a performer? She’s been in your (point) shoes before. (Based in Ontario, Canada)

Blueprint Advancement partners with non-profit arts and culture organizations to maximize long-term contributed revenue growth. We craft a tailored strategy built on the cornerstones of quantifying data, optimizing the patron lifecycle, fostering a culture of giving, and achieving defined goals.

Broadway Licensing is a full-service theatrical licensing partner specializing in the development, production and worldwide distribution of new and established theatrical properties. Approaching the licensing universe with a wholly personal and producorial vision, the company partners with authors, agents and producers to harness the power derived from embracing the intersection of art and commerce. Broadway Licensing advocates for the author, committing to have as many people experience their work as possible while protecting the copyright, utilizing its pioneering digital platform, high touch servicing and cutting-edge strategies to execute that vision. As a trusted curator of important, daring, and entertaining theatre, with a dedication to diversity and inclusion, Broadway Licensing helps build experiences that are bigger than itself; where communities come together to share the ideas of an author’s work, inspiring conversations and forging memories that last a lifetime.

 In a beautiful rural location in Surrey, UK, overlooking fields is The Cabin, a small but perfectly formed recording studio, which is ideal as a writing studio or for recording high-quality demos and voice reels. The studio has an acoustically treated control room with a live room suitable for vocals and a small band setup. 

Specialising in the representation of musical theatre writers - bookwriters, composers and lyricists - and the representation of American writers in the UK.  I love working with our clients to create and package projects. Looking for original voices and original ideas.

Founded in 2001 Cinivative has become the nation’s leading creative studio specializing in commercial and motion graphics production for the performing arts. Through its innovative use of motion graphics, live action and visual effects design Cinevative has dramatically increased ticket sales for clients by communicating the power of the live audience experience on screen. is committed to creating access for musical theatre performers and teachers trying to find and purchase under-sung contemporary songs. We strive to grow our business by celebrating writers of all intersections of identity and experience, making sure they solely benefit from the sales of their songs. As the largest database of contemporary writers and songs, subscribers gain access to hundreds of songs - searchable by voice and song type - which they can then listen to, purchase, and download. All writers receive 100% of their song sales — we are the only company to do this.

So you’re putting on a show, and you don’t have an orchestra to play your music. Let us be your orchestra. We know musicals, and we want your show to sound great. We record every instrument digitally using high quality sample libraries. We can offer you a complete set of tracks for your show. Our tracks are easy to work with, and they can be customized to the needs of your production. Our rental process is simple and fast. You can be working with your tracks today.

This is the most comprehensive online searchable database ​for Filmed Live Musicals! To be included in the database, the musical must be: a stage musical, legally filmed with a live audience present, made available to the public.

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Founded by Laurie Glodowski and Jean-Paul Yovanoff, the Jill Edmund VT was created as a way to not only keep theatre alive during the pandemic but to keep as much of the live theatrical experience as possible. Enjoy moving from table to virtual table, talking to friends and meeting new people in a lobby like atmosphere. Then the lights go down and the curtain goes up and there is the virtual stage where actors can make their entrances and exits as needed. Or sit back and watch a video of a pre recorded performance. And when the show is done, back to the lobby where you can meet the actors or hang out with your friends, just like in real life. Contact for more information.

Digital Marketing For Theatres and Artists That Grows Audiences, Authority, and Amplifies Your Work. 

The Lab’s central purpose is to bring together the Latiné musical theatre community for the success of its artists and the advancement of its stories and people. Community means helping and supporting one another, because a win for one is a win for all. Community means educating and mentoring new and up-and-coming writers - investing in the next generation. And community means creating a national and global identity as an organization, one in which our physical location in New York City serves as a home and hub, not another barrier to access.

Founded by Georgia Stitt, Maestra was created to give support, visibility, and community to the women who make the music in the musical theater industry. The membership is made up of women and non-binary composers, music directors, orchestrators, arrangers, copyists, rehearsal pianists and other musicians who are an underrepresented minority in musical theater. The organization’s initiatives include monthly educational seminars, mentorship programs, technical skills workshops, networking events, and online resources and partnerships. 

Mainstreet Musicals Inc (non-profit, tax-exempt) is a national consortium of theater professionals and their non-profit, commercial, and educational partners. Thanks to the generosity of professional directors and educators, MainStreet provides a valuable script evaluation service for writers and composers. Utilizing performance competitions, concert-readings, and (coming soon) radio-theater, MainStreet promotes development opportunities for original stage musicals throughout regional America.

Music in Motion Canada is a central hub. This community provides musicians, teachers, students, and related audiences with the opportunities to grow, expand and discover within the Canadian music landscape. Music in Motion Canada will give you exposure and access to a diverse rand of resources you can use to propel your artistic endeavors in whatever direction you desire.

Gain the tools to build bold new musicals. Our caring and brilliant faculty will revolutionize your understanding of musical theatre form while supporting exploration and your unique voice.

Musical Creators’ Institute is on a mission to empower early-career musical theater creators. We work to provide unique tools and insights into musical theater form from highly-experienced, top-level musical theater professionals. We aim to do this with a program size that is large enough to provide ample collaborative opportunities and small enough to provide individual attention and at a price-point that will not saddle our students with years of debt.

We believe in fostering a shared language between artists with diverse areas of specialization. This involves supporting the development of multi-disciplinary artists and offering all artists opportunities to expand their areas of knowledge.

The Musical Theatre Writing Collective is built upon the idea that anyone who writes for the musical theatre or collaborates with those writers should have access to a welcoming, affirmative, and supportive community environment in which to continuously learn, connect, and develop as both artists and individuals.


This community is based upon the ideals of Connection, Collaboration, Openness, Support, Equity, Access, and Inclusion.


To be a part of this community, there is no audition or lengthy application. You don’t need a resume, a current project, or to have ever written a note or word of musical theatre. You don’t even need to be a writer! All types of collaborators are welcome.

NAMT is a not-for-profit organization serving the musical theatre community. Their 155 organizational members and 60 individual members, located throughout 33 states and abroad, are some of the leading producers of musical theatre in the world. They include theatres, presenting organizations, higher education programs and individual producers.

An anti-racist non-profit theatre company that serves as a home for original culture shifting musicals during incubation. The company has been incubating new musicals in front of live audiences since 2007, and creates space for artists to dream about how extraordinary the world can be. Programs they feature include Ne Works Series and the Choreography Lab.

There is no paint-by-numbers career manual for you to follow. Whether you’re a writer, director, performer (or all of the above), the best way forward starts with the actual creation of your next new work. When you stretch beyond your comfort zone, exciting expansion soon follows both in the quality of your work and in how it’s received by the world. The biggest mistake you can make is thinking you can do this alone. Collaboration is the key to unlocking your hidden artistic potential. Here are the keys to unlock your potential.

SimG Productions is firmly committed to not only introducing new musical theatre and new writers to a British audience but also to nurturing and supporting the talent of rising theatre artists and writers (both British and American) - showcasing their work on stage (in the form of concerts, cabarets and plays) and on CD. The independent SimG Records label has established itself as the UK’s leading record label dedicated to supporting emerging artists and musical theatre songwriters.

Skollar PR is a marketing and public relations company that works in print, digital as well as personal and company PR.

Is a nonprofit organization created to help producers produce, emerging theater companies to emerge healthily and all theater professionals to understand and best navigate the business of theater. Our membership roster includes self-producing artists as well as career producers. If you are a theater professional, take this opportunity to become a part of the leading professional development, mentorship and networking organization in the industry!

Ryan Thornhill created New Musical Monday, where he features a new musical on his social media pages. He has featured a number of the Sampler Platter shows on this program.

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We provide personalized service. Work one on one with a talented, trained musician who understands the musical writing process and will work with you to see your project from start to finish and bring your song to its full potential. A one-shop stop for custom demos that makes your job a little easier. Choose from our team of talented vocalists to record your songs. We help take your music from sheet music, basic recordings or chord charts to a fully mixed and mastered demo.

Uproar Theatrics is a new theatrical licensing company offering cutting-edge shows and all-digital materials. They are on a mission to open up the theatrical pipeline to bring thrilling, fresh theatre to the people - all the people. Not just the ones in New York City. Uproar Theatrics is not a publisher, only licenses the shows, and only offer digital files. No more erasing librettos and mailing them back. They specialize in shows that have casts aged 15-30’s.

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