Why isn't my favourite song there?

Unfortunately we don't have every song/show in our database. The reasons being: Shows are expensive and buying them costs money. (We are not getting rich from doing this)

Why can't I get the station in my country?

As of right now the station can only be heard in Canada, the United States and the UK due to music licensing. We are hoping to expand beyond these boarders one day.

I don't see my favourite show in your list? Why?

There are a couple of reasons you might not see your favourite show yet. 

1) Many of the shows are still on LP and Cassette and need to be transferred to digital, but that takes a long time. There are like three to four hundred records just waiting to be digitized staring at me right now.

2) Shows are expensive to buy. I would love to have them all but it takes time and money.

Our plan is to add 3 or 4 shows a weeks to the database.

Did I just hear a bad/swear word?

You might have. We wrestled with the idea of omitting songs with offensive words, or putting a warning before these songs. In the end we decided the lyricists wrote those words for a reason and if we started censoring songs, where would it end? Jesus Christ Superstar was/is considered offensive, should it be banned? 

I just hear the greatest song, where can I buy it?

Don't you just love hearing a song you have never heard before? What you can do, is visit our MTR Market. For every show we play we have listed a link in order to purchase the show. 

Where are you based?

We are broadcasting from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Why do you repeat shows 12 hours later?

Since we broadcast on the internet, we have a global reach and it is just not fair to deprive Australia from hearing all of these great songs. Plus do you know how hard it is to program 24/7 worth of music?

Why are the men's and women's apparel mixed together?

Who are we to say what a person can wear? You wear what you want to wear. A shirt is a shirt is a shirt to us. You want to wear a dress? Wear a dress. Just put on what makes you happy.

Why can't I find songs from the Greatest Showman?

We decided that only songs from stage shows would be played on the station. Now, if the stage show was made into a movie then we will play those songs but if it was only a movie or TV show then we won't be playing them. It was a hard decision but we needed to draw the line somewhere.