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Producer's Notes

Something to Believe In

MTR -Musical Theatre Radio is dedicated to playing stage shows from the musical theatre repertoire from around the world. Old, new, popular, and rare with a mandate to promote new creators and their works.

The Origin of Love

I've been involved in musical theatre since before I was born. My parents used to do community theatre and my mom while pregnant with me, was rehearsing 'Oklahoma'. She SAYS I would kick along to the music, but I think she might have be exaggerating a little. (But let's be honest, how cool would that be if it were true). 

Every year, my family would drive two hours to Stratford, Ontario to see a matinee and an evening show with at least one being a musical.  My best memories from those trips was getting Dairy Queen in between shows. What? I got DQ way less than I got to see musicals, so that was a special thing.

In high school I wanted to be a helicopter pilot or program computers. Then in Grade 12 I played Mr. Mushnick in 'Little Shop of Horrors'. My life changed. I decided to pursue a career in theatre. 

From there I went to Sheridan College and got a Diploma in Musical Theatre Performance and became a Triple Threat (Ok, more like a 2.5 Threat. My dancing ain't that great) York University was next for my Bachelors degree in Theatre Studies. There I learned to direct, write, produce and do every other backstage job.

From there I've been able to write a couple of musicals, 'Paradise Island', 'Seven of Us', start a One Act Ply Festival, 'Ground Zero' and be part of the fantastic theatre company 'Vanier College Productions' where I get to work with young performers and help them grow.

And now, here we are with the creation of MTR - Musical Theatre Radio.


I started this for 2 reasons:

1) To help promote new artists and shows that don't get the air time they might deserve

2) I get to listen to musicals everyday

I hope you enjoy MTR as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.


Jean-Paul Yovanoff

Artistic Director

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