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June 20, 2023

Relationship building is key!

Meeting people at a networking event is a great opportunity to strengthen business connections, get fresh ideas, raise your profile and develop long-lasting personal relationships. You never know who the person you just met might know.

CPAD Networking (Creators of musicals, Producers & Artistic Directors) was created to give like minded people in the industry a chance to meet, share tips & tricks and experiences in order to foster a stronger musical theatre community around the world. It is an opportunity to bounce ideas off people who have already been in your position or are going through it right now.

What are people saying about the events:

"CPAD is an excellent and readily available resource for theatrical Directors, Producers, and Artists. The ideas are numerous and purposeful, the networking potential is huge, and the camaraderie is cheerful and uplifting. I wouldn't miss any CPAD meeting!" Laurie Glodowski (Producer 35th Parallel Productions)


“I recently attended a CPAD networking session and was blown away by the level of artistry I encountered there. Jean-Paul Yovanoff (event creator) is the quintessential host who is genuinely passionate about Musical Theatre and sincerely dedicated to promoting, connecting and supporting the artists who create it.” Carl Danielsen (Creator of Musicals)

"The CPAD networking events have been a breath of fresh air during the difficult times we find ourselves in. It's easy to forget that in an industry as seemingly competitive as musical theatre that behind all the glitz and glam are real human beings who want nothing more than to revel in the beauty of this great artform. Sharing stories and experiences with these folks who I now consider peers from across the world has truly inspired me, and I can't recommend attending a CPAD event enough!" Eric Elliot Lee (Creator of Musicals)


Join us from 5-7pm ET in the Jill Edmund Virtual Theatre. It’s FREE to attend which fits any artist's budget.


The event will be hosted in the Jill Edmund Virtual Theatre. You will experience virtual networking like never before. Unlike Zoom where you have 50 faces on screen and you can’t actually have a conversation, the Jill Edmund has virtual couches and tables and chairs to sit at. You can sit and talk one on one or in small groups of up to six people, and then be able to move to another chair and start a whole new conversation. Watch this short video to discover this unique experience. 

Contact with any questions


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