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A Good Day
Music, memory, an old flame, and Alzheimer's - You just hope for a good day.
Years ago as a child, Suzanna instilled the love of music in her friend. But Suzanna gave up the cello and music and gave up that young man, Sam, who loved her. She moved on with her life and eventually he did too. Now, 50 years later, Suzanna has Alzheimer’s, and her children would do anything to hear their mother speak their names.
Sam, an artist, is a widower after losing his wife of 45 years. After a year, he still has not regained his will to paint or do much of anything.
After finding a portrait that Sam had painted of Suzanna when they were very young, Suzanna's children locate Sam.
Eric B. Sirota
Eric B. Sirota
Eric B. Sirota
Eric B. Sirota
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A Good Day
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