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24 Hour Show Schedule

Times & Shows subject to change

100 Years of Musical Theatre Square.png

100 Years of Musical Theatre

Starting in 1920's, we play a song from each decade until we reach the 2020's.

366 Days366 Musicals with Aaron Netsky.png

366 Days/366 Musicals
with Aaron Netsky

How long is 21 Chump Street? Who wrote Island of the Lost Coeds? What the heck is Cinderella Meets the Wolfman!? The answers to these musical theatre questions you never thought you'd ask and so many more can be found in this show. Learn about five different musicals each week.

How many have you seen? Which ones may never be seen again? Based on the book : 366 Days/366 Musicals: A Musical Theatre Trivia Book and Diary

A to Z of musicals - square.png

A to Z of Musicals

Every week we take a listen to songs from shows starting with a particular letter. Host: Tony Rae

Be Our Guest.png

Be Our Guest

Host Jean-Paul Yovanoff talks with a guest or guests about their life, love and passion for musical theatre.

It's All the Same To Me Square.png

It's All the Same to Me

We pick a topic and play songs based on that topic or idea.

MT of the Oppressed.png

Musical Theatre of the Oppressed

We take a listen to the songs and shows that help promote social

and political change.


The Women of Musical Theatre

The women of musical theatre take center stage. Hear the best composers, lyricists, and book writers from the world of musical theatre.

The Sampler Platter (2).png

The Sampler Platter

Discover new musicals from around the world before they become famous.

SNP Square.png

Saturday Night Party

Sing and dance all night long as we play the best party songs that the musical theatre cannon has to offer.

Showtime with Jean-Paul Yovanoff.png

Showtime with Jean-Paul Yovanoff

Anything goes on Showtime with Jean-Paul Yovanoff. He says what he wants. Plays what he wants. And doesn't care what the boss thinks.

(cause he is the boss) Host: Jean-Paul Yovanoff

The Best of Everything!.png

The Best of Everything

New, old, popular or rare. Hear the best that the world of musical theatre has to offer. A little bit of everything for everybody.

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