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The Klemperers' New Clothes
The Klemperers’ New Clothes’ is a family-friendly musical freely adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” It tells the tale of a twelve year old girl determined to teach the folks in the small prairie town where she lives to appreciate the talents of her widowed father. Her problem is that her dad -- a tailor who sews simple, durable clothes -- is a bit too honest for his own good (or to make many sales). So, she enlists the aid of her uncle, a wily traveling salesman. Together they conspire to bring her father's dresses to the attention of the town’s arbiter of fashion: Edna Klemperer, the snooty wife of the owner of the local mercantile store. Unfortunately, Edna sneers at the sturdy, unexciting homespun, prompting her uncle to turn their scheme into a scam.
Norman Weiss
William Squier
William Squier
William Squier
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