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The Fishergirl
The Fishergirl is a coming-of-age story of Dannie Trescott, a modern-era “Everywoman” who faces the same issues most women, if not all people, encounter today. Set in the early 1900s, Dannie, a fishergirl from Castine, Maine, navigates the treacheries of gender bias, class distinction, greed, mental illness, and violence while finding her way in life. Other ageless themes of the work include the issue of family loyalty, the challenges of facing inevitable change, and the universal desire to be seen as a unique individual, independent of culture, profession, wealth or gender. The story is uplifting, fresh, and surprising with unexpected twists and turns.
Hilarie Clark Moore
Hilarie Clark Moore
Gwen Gunn (Dialogue), Story by Hilarie Clark Moore
Hilarie Clark Moore
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My Beautiful Lily
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