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The Dream Team
This musical is set in the 1940’s just after WWII, on the eve of baseball’s integration. It’s the story of two brothers, Luke and Cal Davenport, a star pitcher-catcher team in the Negro Leagues. When Jackie Robinson is tapped for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Luke and Cal get caught up in the dream of playing in the Majors.  When younger brother Cal is offered a contract for a major league team and accepts, Luke who is too old to be considered, counters with the idea of starting the first all-black major league team – The Dream Team. The musical climaxes with an exhibition game between Cal’s integrated Triple A club and Luke’s all-star Dream Team - with brother facing brother in a tense final play.  Along the way we meet Luke’s long-suffering girlfriend Ruth, Cal’s loyal wife Willa, the ambitious black manager Abe Green, major league scouts and the flamboyant ball players.
Thomas Tierney
John Forster
Richard Wesley
Thomas Tierney
    You Ain't Seen Ball
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