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The Doll Maker's Gift
Welcome to Zalushka’s Doll Shop, an imaginarium where even the darkest times can give way to hope.

Set in a small village in Eastern Europe during the early 1900s, The Doll Maker’s Gift follows Nora, an irrepressibly creative little girl whose dolls guide and uplift her when the ethnic cleansing of Pogroms threaten her Jewish community in Russia.

After their cousins’ village is attacked, Nora’s family is forced to flee to America. They discover at the last moment that they don’t have enough funds to pay for everyone’s passage. Young Nora will have to stay behind, with the threat of attacks ever increasing. She is left with a family friend, a kind doll maker who offers to care for her until they can earn enough money to pay for her journey to America. Together, with her ingenuity and his know-how, they hatch a plan to reunite Nora with her family.

Featuring beautiful original music and an essential story drawn right from history, The Doll Maker’s Gift is an uplifting exploration of the power of kindness in the face of adversity.
Brian Feinstein
Sammy Buck
EllaRose Chary and Fran Sillau
Debbie Deneberg
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