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Setanta the Brave
A whimsical retelling of the Irish legend of Cú Chulainn (pronounced: ‘Koo-kullen’), 'Setanta the Brave' is about a boy who seeks fame, and the love of a fearless maiden, through triumph in a great battle.

Unfortunately, Setanta has a dark secret: 'the Riastrad'; an affliction which turns him into a hulking monster when agitated. Together with his grudging sidekick Ferdia, Setanta seeks to make his name, and conquer his demons, by defeating the wicked witch of Alba and protecting Ulster in the famous ‘battle of Cooley’. His motivations, skill and self-discipline will all be tested in this romantic adventure story.
Solfa Carlile
Solfa Carlile
Solfa Carlile & Rob Carlile
Solfa Carlile
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