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Savage the Musical
Savage is a dramatic musical inspired by the true story of cowriter Nicolette Blount's Great Grandma, 1920s Chickasaw sharpshooter and silent film actress, Wanda Savage. Wanda shot her way through circuses, Vaudeville and Hollywood before landing in a brothel. Savage is a redemption story of a divorced, indigenous mother who fought racism, misogyny, sexism and abuse to make a name for herself; as relevant today as it was 100 years ago. Her fame came at a heavy price, losing the one she loved most. Savage the Musical holds a mirror up to our society to see how far we have come...or not.
Nicolette Blount and John Waynelovich
Nicolette Blount
Nicolette Blount and Lindel Hart
Nicolette Blount
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