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Jane Austen's 'Sandition' (200 Years Lat
Jane Austen's 'Sanditon' (200 Years Later)
A 21st Century songwriter persuades her reluctant pop band to take the parts in Jane Austen's last unfinished work 'Sanditon' (about a new sea bathing resort) and the continuation by Jane's niece Anna Lefroy. They sing about the situations in the novel and the ambitions of Austen's characters, and tell the story about the writing of 'Sanditon', and based on the events of the time, the life experiences of Austen & Lefroy, the most likely way in which the completed novel should have turned out.
The pop band compares their own 21st Century lives to the lives of their 19th Century characters and realise how far we have come as a society, and how forward-looking were Austen's 11 Chapters written on her death bed.
Vicky Clubb, David Edward Booth, Chris Brindle
Chris Brindle
Chris Brindle
Christopher Brindle
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Song For Jane Austen
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