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Prepare to Meet Your Maker
In this surrealist masterwork of 6 episodes, a gravedigger, Quasimodo, reawakens, Cementeria, a corpse. Through contact with one another, both are invigorated and revitalized, albeit temporarily.
The action occurs in and around a pearly-gated community, called the Ordered World where only people who have been to the baptist may enter. Together, our handsome couple is able to live there for a time.
A drunken Quasimodo reveals the couple's secret so necrophiliac bashers ambush him. His hunch returns. While in debtors prison he learns that anyone "making love" to Cementeria is empowered. Meanwhile, Cementeria catches the eye of the Overlord.
The rest of the story portrays their reunion and subsequent rehabilitation as participants in an ancient Egyptian tale of resurrection, the legend of Isis and Osiris.
Peter Dizozza
Peter Dizozza
Peter Dizozza
Peter Dizozza
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