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Peter Pan: The Musical

Neverland is in crisis.  Pirates have arrived on the island and the Neverlanders are trying to keep them away.  Things are so bad that the fairies have gone into hiding and the mermaids haven’t been seen in the open ocean since the battle began.

Peter Pan asks Wendy, John, and Michael if they will fly with him - second to the right and straight on till morning - to join Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys, to help free Neverland from Captain Hook’s men; but Wendy thinks it sounds much too dangerous.

With fairies, crocodiles, flying children, and mermaids, join the Darling children as they embark on the most magical adventure - where Hook and the crew of the Jolly Roger come face to face with all of Neverland and the boy who won’t grow up.

Paul Boyd
Paul Boyd
Paul Boyd
Paul Boyd
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