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PeachBoy_CD_1600x1600 - Tony Pinizzotto.
Peach Boy
Meet Momotarō the PEACH BOY who springs from a huge peach, grows up wanting to explore the world, and be that world's hero. Based on the 200 year-old Japanese fairy tale, PEACH BOY blends Momotarō’s quest to conquer the evil Ogre King (Oni), and that of a love story with his newly discovered love Hōseki. It takes you on an exciting journey - from Momotarō’s tiny Japanese village of Heiontochi to Ogre Island (Onigashima). This tale of courage pits hopes and aspirations against security and familiarity, while excitingly restoring your faith in never being told you're too old to dream.
Phil Luna
Tony Pinizzotto
Tony Pinizzotto
Tony Pinizzotto
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