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Love Bites
LOVEBiTES is a joyous, quirky, sexy, sassy, wise, hilarious and (sometimes) heartbreaking exploration of the alpha and omega of one of life's biggest puzzles: romance. It is a song cycle from the writers of The Hatpin, with fantastic new music by Peter Rutherford and lyrics by James Millar, LOVEBiTES is a mad-capped song cycle about loving and leaving and leaping into the joyful (or not so joyful) unknown.
LOVEBiTES is a series of short stories about falling in love...and what happens after the confetti settles. Catching one half of each couple in the instant that love strikesand then hearing from the other half about how it ended up. LOVEBiTES is a unique, hilarious and moving song cycle that gives only the beginning and end of each relationship from the separate perspective of the two individuals who share it.
Peter Rutherford
James Millar
James Millar
Neil Gooding
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