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Love & Southern D!scomfort
Mrs. Catherine Dejoie, a dowager of polite Louisiana society, has died. She left her entire estate to her estranged granddaughter Milla – but only if Milla comes home from her self-imposed 10-year exile to bury Catherine. Milla reluctantly leaves her life (and love) in France and returns to her ancestral home, a sprawling postbellum Southern mansion, and to her mother, Wilhelmina, a faded alcoholic debutante undone by the burden of bearing the family’s legacy. With the help of Louisa, the family’s cherished maid, the women begin to repair their relationship. However, their reconciliation grinds to a sudden halt when a long-held secret erupts during the funeral, sending the family spinning out of control.
Bobby Daye
Bobby Daye and Monica L. Patton
Monica L. Patton
Monica L. Patton
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Bad Side
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