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Jack the Ripper: The Whitechapel Musical
He is here for your listening enjoyment, but beware of his presence! It’s London in 1888, and a trail of murdered prostitutes takes Scotland Yard (and the British press) on the chase for the serial killer known as Jack the Ripper. This musical entertainment brings humanity to the victims of these famous deaths: cynical Elizabeth (Liz) Stride, lost Annie Chapman, unlucky Polly Nichols, despairing Catherine (Kate) Eddowes, and the tortured(?) Mary Kelly. Through a series of musical stories, the score takes the listener on a journey for a killer through the eyes of the inspector responsible for solving the case; the carnivorous Gentlemen of the Press, who will print any words to sell papers; and into the soul of the killer himself, whose internal struggle lent no solace to the women who crossed his path.
Steven Bergman
Christopher DiGrazia and Steven Bergman
Christopher DiGrazia and Steven Bergman
Steven Bergman
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