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I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical
This sparkling musical revue reveals everything you could want to know about being a musical theatre performer... if only any would admit it. From voice-straining high notes to limb-spraining high kicks, via on-stage smooches and off-stage feuds, the show comedically covers the journey from wide-eyed drama school graduate right through to brattish diva, past-it chorus member, or bitter has-been (or “never-was”). This colourful caper through the highlights (and low points) of a musical theatre performer’s career lifts the lid on awful auditions, debilitating dance routines, mid-performance mishaps, and backstage backstabbing – and celebrates those magical moments that make it all worthwhile.
Alexander S. Bermange
Alexander S. Bermange
Alexander S. Bermange
Alexander S. Bermange
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I Wish That My Life Were Like A Musical
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