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Hunchback The Musical - Live Cast Record
Hunchback: The Musical
Three stained glass windows in Notre Dame Cathedral, each depicting a female saint - the Belles of Notre Dame - come to life to tell the story of Quasimodo, the disfigured boy who lives in the cathedral's belfry, who was rescued as a baby by an optimistic young priest called Frollo.
Many years later, Frollo is the bitter and hated Archdeacon of the cathedral and Quasimodo, is now a young man in love with the gypsy dancer Esmeralda whom he watches from afar. Esmeralda is in turn in love with the captain of the city guards - Phoebus.
Queen of the gypsies Clopina realises that Frollo is in cohoots with the city's sultry executioner La Tortura and is planning to purge the city of her people.
Paul Boyd
Paul Boyd
Paul Boyd
Paul Boyd
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