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Healter Skelter The Musical
Dissatisfied with her noughties life and facing rejection from her father, Moon drops acid and escapes back in time to 1960s California, to meet the ultimate rock n' roller Charles Manson. Moon meets the Family at the height of their popularity and is quickly immersed. Little does Moon know, but she's about to play a part in the infamous Manson Family murders and trial. As we move in and out of Moon’s trip, through Moon’s eyes, we see the cracks in the various systems that still govern us today. But as the trip wears off, Moon is forced to confront her own inner demons, and how she too plays a big part in how demons and monsters are created. We allow people to build walls around us; is it for protection, out of fear, perhaps protecting our sense of what OUR TRUTH is regardless of facts? And how do we separate "the legend" from "the facts"? Or do we crown someone we love to hate? We needed a scapegoat and Charles Manson was perfect.
Jimmy Dowd and Kevin McCann
Jimmy Dowd and Kevin McCann
Nicole Vardon
Nicole Vardon
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