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From The Wreckage
‘From the Wreckage’ is a concert/theatre hybrid that fuses storytelling with rock n’roll. A four piece band (young women ages 17-18) guide us through the creation of the band’s first album and the moments that inspired the hymns, unraveling folk daydreams, unclassic love songs and teen-angst anthems. In the wake of family relationships littered with shattered expectations, songwriter Alice and visual artist Noa fall for each other and weigh risk with the hope of connecting with love and self-discovery. This story explores the complex layers of intersecting and sometimes clashing identities in Queer communities.
Eloise Harrington and Mickayla D’Andrea with support from Hiyab Araya
Eloise Harrington
Eloise Harrington and Sara Pedrosa with Hiyab Araya, Francesca Bernardo, Eliza Crabtree, and Lilly-May Selschotter.
Sara Pedrosa
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