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EM, set in 1965, tells the gritty story of a 19-year old, unmarried, pregnant girl from the Midlands, who is thrown out of home and goes to Liverpool in search of TOM, the father of her unborn child. Her hope is that Tom will do the right thing and marry her, but as the birth draws closer, he becomes increasingly distant.

A local lad, ILLYA, falls in love with Em, and offers to step in and become the father of her baby. Em is touched, but rejects him, clinging onto the hope that Tom will change his mind.

Em gives birth to a young lad, whom she calls FRED but when she tries to take him home, the authorities pounce and Fred is literally torn from his mother’s arms in a distressing and violent scene reminiscent of Cathy Come Home.

Em is the story of my own mother and Fred is my brother whom I finally tracked down 15 years ago.
Benjamin Till
Benjamin Till
Benjamin Till
Benjamin Till
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