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Bastard Jones
BASTARD JONES is a sexy, smart, rollicking musical comedy that combines a pop score with period farce. Based on Henry Fielding’s 1749 Brit lit satire TOM JONES (an Oscar-winning film in the 60s), its message is unabashedly American: everyone has the right to the Pursuit of Happiness, no matter their birth circumstances. Bastard Jones reimagines the young, irrepressible foundling Tom Jones as an electric guitar in a harpsichord world.

When charming, low-born Tom makes the mistake of wooing Sophia Shepherd, daughter of the pompous Reverend Shepherd, a chain of secrets, schemings and multiple bed-hoppings is set in motion. Tom reaches the scaffold before order and happiness ultimately prevail. With a cast of nine playing multiple roles, the show celebrates compassion, inclusion and sexual freedom as it careens from highbrow to lowbrow and back. Electric guitars wail in a harpsichord world, Vaudeville meets Moliere, Spring Awakening meets Candide.
Amy Engelhardt
Amy Engelhardt & Marc Acito
Marc Acito
Amy Engelhardt
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