The Best of Everything

Nothing but music.

A mix of everything that musical theatre has to offer from then to now

It's All the Same to Me

TV stars on Stage. From Movie to Musical. Let's Start the Overture

An hour of songs based on a specific topic

The Decade that Was

Hear the best and rarest of each decade

Oh Canada

Nothing but songs from artists from the Great White North

The Business of Show Business

Learn more about the backstage working of show business with ?

The Sampler Platter

We play a couple of songs from shows that you may never have heard of. Who knows, but you may want to try the entire thing after enjoying just a little sample.

Drop the Needle

Enjoy sitting down and listening to an entire show from start to finish.

with a break in the middle to flip the record of course

Saturday Night Party

Sing, dance and party the night away every Saturday night when we play the biggest, most fun songs from the musical theatre catalogue. We Will Rock You!

All Request Sunday

Nothing but music all day Sunday with your requests thrown in. 

Showtime with Jean-Paul Yovanoff

Stay entertained and informed with the musings of Jean-Paul Yovanoff